Inked in Blood Review

Review from Blue Cat Screenwriting competition.
This project had a highly evocative, surreally dark tone that came across clearly on the page. I was fully transported into this grimy, neo-noir world, which came equipped with a somewhat heightened cinematic vibe. There were some incredibly intense sequences of suspense and extreme brutality which further hammered home this macabre sensibility. Additionally, the dialogue throughout the piece was whip-sharp, packed with ribald humor, cock-eyed observations, and twisted euphemisms. 
With the character of Edsall Quarrels, you have created a truly loathsome and intimidating antagonist, who an audience will very much look forward to seeing dead. I appreciated the fact that, in general, your narrative took several unforeseen twists and turns, pushing things in a different direction from what I anticipated. Though I can feel your cinematic influences on display, you’ve done a wonderful job in imprinting this material with a fresh, unique aesthetic and style of your own.