Aesop – Inked In Blood

Original artwork for Aesop, created by me.AesopInked in Blood.jpg


The front window is spotted with fresh raindrops. Mona works on a crossword puzzle at her desk. A few powdered donuts and a cup of coffee sit within arms reach. A light dusting of powdered sugar covers her chin.

Aesop walks through the double doors behind her, unnoticed. he grabs Mona by the hair, snapping her head back. Her eyes bulge with fear as she recognizes him.

NURSE MONA – You-you shouldn’t be out of your room.

AESOP  –  Your problem, Mona, is that you’ve become unsympathetic to the human condition. Let’s fix that–

Aesop slams her head on the desktop. Her body slides out of her chair and flops heavily to the ground. Aesop dumps the contents of Mona’s purse on the counter.

He takes her money and car keys.

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