Inked In Blood Contest Review

This script strikes a masterful balance between style and substance, putting a unique spin on the familiar detective vs. criminal storyline and adding in a dash of something new. Its imagery and scene descriptions are both engaging and effective. In Jason’s hospital room, for example, they paint a clear picture of setting and tone. This script’s dialogue yields a similar effect through different means. In the motel lobby scene, DW’s concern over the girl in the passenger seat is palpable without ever being expressed verbally. Every line that did make it in serves a purpose, as is especially apparent in the scene between Seymour and Rufus. They’re chaotic in the best way possible, their dialogue and dynamic establishing them as distinct and well-crafted characters.

This script’s practical strengths and well-crafted story were outstanding, resulting in a fast-paced script without a dull moment in sight. It was suspenseful, yet methodical, laying the framework for a thrilling mystery akin to the BBC’s Killing Eve.

A Life Unravelled

When an introverted teenager wins a literary contest, his deadbeat uncle with a cocaine habit is enlisted to pose as the author, but when he’s blackmailed by his dealers, he plans to kidnap the publishers assistant and random her for the money he needs… if he doesn’t get them all killed first.